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Wild West City's Anti-Violence Position

Since 1956, Wild West City has presented classic shows and programs reflecting the history, legend and lore of the American West in the tradition of the American Indian, Buffalo Bill, The Earp Brothers and film and television documentaries.

Although some presentations utilize firearms, Wild West City does not condone nor promote the misuse of firearms in our society today. Historically, firearms were necessary as a means of survival and are reflected as such. References or portrayals of firearms cannot be eliminated from U.S. history and, from an educational standpoint, Wild West City cannot deny their historical relevance. In doing so, Wild West City is accountable to educate the public by also demonstrating the responsible use of firearms. Through dramatic re-enactments that depict such use, firearms usage is portrayed as an appropriate act of protection for the period, not an act of senseless or random violence.*

*If preferred, special calendar programs excluding references to firearms usage are offered to school groups on select Mondays in the spring and fall.  Please visit the Educational Programs section on our web site.

If, during our regular programming,  a person is concerned about the content of the shows they can check with a member of the staff and perhaps take advantage of other activities while this show is being presented.